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Jul 10, 2020Diversi-'T'sI'm curious (and a bit disgusted)1   
Jun 2, 2020Diversi-'T'sA Place to Share Isolation Activities as Ideas for Others1   
May 2, 2020Diversi-'T'sScam calls1   
Mar 31, 2020Diversi-'T'sMarch part 11   
Feb 27, 2020Diversi-'T'sI'm Back For Another Year!1   
Jan 22, 2020Diversi-'T'sPolka dots1   
Jan 2, 2020Diversi-'T'sX in Xmas1   
Dec 5, 2019Diversi-'T'sHow do you handle this1   
Nov 2, 2019Diversi-'T'sMy Ride Is Merging1   
Oct 8, 2019Diversi-'T'sIs It JUST ME?1   
Sep 7, 2019Diversi-'T'sHospital Visit1   
Aug 28, 2019Diversi-'T'sFetish gear including clothes2   
Aug 25, 2019Diversi-'T'sGroup Members1   
May 5, 2019Diversi-'T'sGender Marker Change1   
Apr 2, 2019Diversi-'T'sThick or Thin1   
Mar 27, 2019Diversi-'T'sCancer Is A Bitch1   
Mar 6, 2019Diversi-'T'sIt got busy1   
Feb 16, 2019Diversi-'T'sHappy Valentine's Day1   
Jan 5, 2019Diversi-'T'sThings To Stuff Your Face With2   
Nov 13, 2018Diversi-'T'sFantasy of being feminized by your lover1   
Oct 14, 2018Diversi-'T'sTips from the grill1   
Oct 14, 2018Diversi-'T'sFavorite Beverage?1   
Sep 25, 2018Diversi-'T'sJust saying Hi! I'm Lana, a fresh CD adventurer exploring her Sissy impulses.1   
Aug 21, 2018Diversi-'T'swhy are no post?1   
Jul 30, 2018Diversi-'T'sRetirement Community For Trans People1   
Jun 22, 2018Diversi-'T'sHappy Summer1   
Jun 11, 2018Diversi-'T'sAn interesting experience1   
May 29, 2018Diversi-'T'sThanks to all my fellow veterans1   
May 20, 2018Diversi-'T'sHappy Spring2   
Apr 9, 2018Diversi-'T'sInterlopers1   
Feb 14, 2018Diversi-'T'sHappy Valentine's Day1   
Jan 31, 2018Diversi-'T'sdo you have "SUPERPOWERS"?1   
Jan 24, 2018Diversi-'T'sFirst time in panties and heels, and more...1   
Jan 24, 2018Diversi-'T'sHow Do You Handle The "Funk"1   
Jan 17, 2018Diversi-'T'sBack with a new interest1   
Jan 7, 2018Diversi-'T'sRelease The Guard1   
Jan 7, 2018Diversi-'T's2018 Year of the Butterfly1   
Jan 7, 2018Diversi-'T's2018 New Year1   
Dec 22, 2017Diversi-'T'sNo christmas spirit.1   
Nov 22, 2017Diversi-'T'sThanksgiving1   
Nov 6, 2017Diversi-'T'sThe big, bold and beautiful bulletin board is gone!!!!!1   
Oct 14, 2017Diversi-'T'sAm I am confused or is it a Down Low?1   
Sep 30, 2017Diversi-'T'sWondering how many have gf that love us wearing lingerie2   
Sep 15, 2017Diversi-'T'sHurricane Irma1   
Aug 3, 2017Diversi-'T'sCleavage Contest Help1   
Aug 2, 2017Diversi-'T'sHi all you seXy Girls1   
Jul 24, 2017Diversi-'T'sanyone have a photo flagged as ineligible for your profile photo2