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Feb 6, 2014Bloggers United!Hello1   
Feb 5, 2014Cloud NineThe January Blahs1   
Nov 10, 2013Cloud NineLest We Forget1   
Nov 10, 2013Cloud NineI'm In The Mood For...........4   
Nov 10, 2013Cloud NineIf You Were a Bumper Sticker......8   
Nov 10, 2013Cloud NineTHINGS TO DO WHILE NAKED1   
Nov 10, 2013Cloud Ninewhat would you choose???2   
Nov 6, 2013Cloud NineSafe, Risky, Daring or Sexy10   
Nov 6, 2013Cloud NineVery lucky guy2   
Nov 6, 2013Cloud NineKisses, Licks, Penetration or Spanks7   
Nov 4, 2013Cloud NineWho's On Top........Slippery Style4   
Nov 4, 2013Cloud NineNaughty words3   
Nov 3, 2013Cloud Nine^5, Hug, Kiss, Cuddle, Fuck.......NO passing3   
Nov 1, 2013Cloud NineFINALLY..... A New...???1   
Oct 31, 2013Cloud NineKisses10   
Oct 30, 2013Cloud NineHappy Halloween1   
Oct 30, 2013Cloud NineNew Letter Game1   
Oct 24, 2013Cloud NineTravel1   
Oct 23, 2013Cloud NinePardon My Absence!6   
Oct 11, 2013Cloud NineTrick or Treat ???1   
Oct 9, 2013Cloud NineSinner or Saint22   
Oct 1, 2013Cloud Ninesexual position3   
Oct 1, 2013Cloud NineWhat Are Smiles Made Of?19   
Sep 28, 2013Cloud NineOrgasms4   
Sep 28, 2013Cloud NineWho's on Top15   
Sep 28, 2013Cloud NineThe Colour Red1   
Sep 22, 2013Cloud Nine~ Praise Someone ~8   
Sep 15, 2013Cloud NineToys1   
Sep 14, 2013Cloud Nine5 Letter word Game...34   
Sep 13, 2013Cloud NineI love_____ on my______12   
Sep 12, 2013Cloud NineQuotations worth sharing.........11   
Sep 12, 2013Cloud NineTHE COLOR GREEN32   
Sep 10, 2013Cloud NineYES or NO97   
Sep 10, 2013Cloud NineFact or Fiction1   
Sep 8, 2013Cloud NineHmmm...High Heels or Bare Feet???10   
Sep 8, 2013Cloud NineAnal Orgasms2   
Sep 8, 2013Cloud NineThe Color Red........51   
Sep 8, 2013Cloud NineWhat don't I know about you?17   
Sep 8, 2013Cloud NineName Five!61   
Sep 8, 2013Cloud NineWhat Are You Grateful For ???6   
Sep 6, 2013Cloud NineThis or That41   
Sep 6, 2013Cloud NineNAUGHTY ABC's....grinzzzzzzzz62   
Sep 6, 2013Cloud NineSeptember Birthdays2   
Sep 5, 2013Cloud NineThe color Purple.....2   
Sep 5, 2013Cloud NineLeave some of Affection40   
Sep 5, 2013Active ChattersI Have a Mistress3   
Sep 4, 2013Cloud NinePet Peeves10   
Sep 4, 2013Cloud NineHow do you deal with loss or change?7   
Sep 2, 2013Cloud NineDEFINE WHAT AFF IS11