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Nov 14, 2011SanctuaryLMT2   
Nov 14, 2011Sanctuary~~~ Halloween ~~~3   
Oct 25, 2011Not Strange but Gifted...!Where is lmt??1   
Oct 25, 2011Sanctuary~*~ One Word ~*~87   
Oct 25, 2011Sanctuary(.) Breast Cancer Awareness Month (.)1   
Sep 16, 2011Most active members groupStay on top2216   
Sep 16, 2011Not Strange but Gifted...!How often?1   
Sep 14, 2011Fellatio PerfectionPerineal stimulation2   
Sep 14, 2011Not Strange but Gifted...!WE DON'T BITE.10   
Sep 14, 2011SanctuaryRoom 1016   
Sep 14, 2011NEW BEGINME100   
Sep 14, 2011International Anal sexHappy Easter to everyone.390   
Sep 14, 2011Fellatio PerfectionThe Visual Aspect2   
Sep 14, 2011CUM & GET EAT!Is it really disgusting?29   
Sep 14, 2011SanctuaryHi Hunny I'm Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4   
Sep 14, 2011Fellatio PerfectionDeep Throat24   
Sep 13, 2011Yorkshire For FunI go away next month!56   
Sep 13, 2011SanctuaryFetishes2   
Sep 13, 2011Sanctuary~*~ Meet The Team ~*~11   
Sep 12, 2011SanctuaryLet's Play Doctors and Nurses2   
Sep 11, 2011SanctuaryFlag Half Mast2   
Sep 11, 2011SanctuaryYou are invited to breakfast1   
Sep 11, 2011SanctuaryPhobias2   
Sep 11, 2011Not Strange but Gifted...!9/11.2   
Sep 11, 2011SanctuaryMe1   
Sep 10, 2011SanctuaryHints and Tips3   
Sep 10, 2011SanctuarySwing High Swing Low1   
Sep 10, 2011Not Strange but Gifted...!HOLIDAYS.8   
Sep 10, 2011Sanctuary~Guzzle Puzzle~5   
Sep 9, 2011SanctuaryThinking of you...3   
Sep 9, 2011SanctuaryThat might be pushing it...1   
Sep 9, 2011SanctuaryA question, ladies...1   
Sep 9, 2011SanctuaryBeyond Posh1   
Sep 8, 2011Not Strange but Gifted...!RANDOM.145   
Sep 8, 2011pussy eatersany pussy eating techniques to share?7   
Sep 8, 2011SanctuaryUp To Now2   
Sep 7, 2011SanctuaryHurricane Irene2   
Sep 7, 2011Most active members groupBlowjob Group.14   
Sep 7, 2011Sanctuary~*~*~ Chuckle Corner ~*~*~11   
Sep 6, 2011Sanctuaryi just had to watch...2   
Sep 6, 2011Not Strange but Gifted...!strangest place?10   
Sep 6, 2011SanctuaryCome On You Know You Wanna6   
Sep 6, 2011Not Strange but Gifted...!WHERE ARE YOU FROM?13   
Sep 6, 2011Sanctuarybetween the sheets1   
Sep 5, 2011SanctuaryMind over matter2   
Sep 4, 2011SanctuaryModerator2