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Jul 30, 2020LAS VEGAS DISCREET TOURISTSvegas 6/6 thru 6/101   
Jul 24, 2020OKC and surrounding areasNew to this group1   
Jun 29, 2020OKC and surrounding areasmembers2   
Jun 17, 2020OKC and surrounding areasNew girl2   
May 11, 2020OKC and surrounding areasanyone meeting up1   
Apr 14, 2020OKC and surrounding areasAre you healthy?1   
Mar 11, 2020OKC and surrounding areasHI everyone!2   
Feb 7, 2020OKC and surrounding areasTired of being lonely and single1   
Dec 19, 2019OKC and surrounding areasNew member1   
Dec 18, 2019OKC and surrounding areasnew member1   
Nov 26, 2019OKC and surrounding areasgangbang3   
Oct 29, 2019OKC and surrounding areasWhat’s up?1   
Oct 1, 2019OKC and surrounding areas55   
Aug 2, 2019Vegas Gangbangsvegas1   
Jul 11, 2019Vegas GangbangsLove Vegas1   
Jul 10, 2019Vegas GangbangsVegas baby1   
Jul 10, 2019LAS VEGAS DISCREET TOURISTSvegas fun1   
Jul 6, 2019Desert Heat Social GroupCumming to Vegas1   
Jul 6, 2019REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERSVegas 8-1 8-5 party1   
Jul 6, 2019REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERSVegas 8-1 8-5 party1   
May 12, 2019OKC and surrounding areasMother's day sex strike? You've got to be kidding!1   
May 5, 2019OKC and surrounding areasnew members1   
Apr 23, 2019OKC and surrounding areasposting2   
Feb 28, 2019OKC and surrounding areasFun bars?1   
Feb 21, 2019OKC and surrounding areasAnything going on in this group1   
Feb 5, 2019OKC and surrounding areasrobbie4   
Jan 22, 2019OKC and surrounding areasAny other sites1   
Jan 8, 2019OKC and surrounding areasNYE blowjob party2   
Oct 21, 2018OKC and surrounding areasLife i1   
Oct 1, 2018OKC and surrounding areasINVITES1   
Sep 11, 2018OKC and surrounding areasNew group?1   
Sep 4, 2018OKC and surrounding areas"forced" Blowjob party Aug 11th3   
Jul 31, 2018REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERSIn Las Vegas1   
Jul 31, 2018Sex for the MarriedHosting daytime or evening for fun.1   
Jul 31, 2018REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERScumming to town1   
Jul 25, 2018REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERSVegas the 2nd of August1   
Jul 18, 2018OKC and surrounding areas"forced" Blowjob party Aug 11th1   
Jul 14, 2018OKC and surrounding areasInvite people2   
Jun 23, 2018OKC and surrounding areasif you were a member between 2007 and 2010 post here.1   
Jun 23, 2018OKC and surrounding areasLife1