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AlyTal 31 / 28 / C
"Because it's really, really fun :)"
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
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AlyTal 31/C
Honolulu, Hawaii
Yes we do, and yes she does :)
If you are one of my hubby's friends and were sent by him to my profile, you will know the password, and where to leave it, and I will get back to you. And if you are... winkie blinkie and titty ta ta atcha :) Anyone is welcome to see my Blog items and are welcome to comment in any way they wish. Firstly, the way Covid is continuously evolving into new variants, particularly in the hot spots... means that the fact you may be fully vaccinated... doesn't mean squat. Consequently we are holding off of meeting new friends until next year at the minimum. Holding off of what? you may ask. LOL See the profile below, and like us, be super pissed at the cause of the continuing pandemic... the political oriented dumbass bubba class, the anti-mask and anti vaxxers, that are causing the pandemic to continue, and our beloved islands to suffer more than they should. We believe in Science over Blithering Bullshit, and if you are one of the bubbas you need not go any further than this paragraph. Aloha to everyone ELSE :) LOL Ok, here goes... fyi my hubby and I don't believe monogamy is a valid working social arrangement anymore in the general society, especially in the younger generations. Consequently we enjoy a comfortable open marriage with all the agreed upon rule parameters and approvals for both of us. We accept the sexual description of... Stag & Hot Wife aka Vixen. We are not Cuck types for specific reasons to not allow misunderstanding's, but we do accept the description of the rapidly growing sexual culture called "Hot Wifing." We very much enjoy our open lifestyle together, and as individuals, and we admit it has become quite pleasantly adDICKtive. LOL My hubby travels a lot in his business domestically and internationally, and sometimes if I can get off of work I go with him to meet special friends or to just cruise for some sexy adventure. When I am not able to travel with him I occasionally enjoy meeting potential special friends who may be visitors to our lovely islands, ie, tourists, conventioneers, or visiting firemen (or fire women) who qualify in advance for potential genuine friendship. Our thing is quality over quantity, and friendships are established BEFORE we get naked anywhere. We don't want to mislead anybody. We ARE VERY, VERY, VERY selective and you should know that qualification is naturally hard to do in this bland electronic format... partly because I don't allow more personal contact unless/until it is time to validate for a meeting in reality. After I have met someone in person, however, there are very few contact limitations, if any. I simply have to meet them first. The only exception to that is when my hubby calls me from the bar wherever he may be in his travels, and after a moment hands the phone to another man. I've been a fone boner since I was an unmentionable age, but now it takes friendship first after a real meeting. Sorry, but I am NOT interested in locals because I just don't have the time for a constant filtering process. There are simply to many of you, and I never wish to offend or insult anyone by having to ignore you. I appreciate your interest, but locals should save their keystrokes for others who may have the time to communicate with you. I'm sorry, but I have to protect the little time that I do have available. All of our more serious special male friends will be 100% straight, and with no exceptions to that. Speaking of the hot wife culture in general, my hubby and I have learned how to unlink sex with others from traditional commitment (the salesmanship of traditional society). We accept the fact that sex is a basic need of our humanity, and life is more enhanced and fulfilled with all possible variations, flavors, and combinations, rather than after a time being stuck in an unhappy personal rut for the rest of our lives as so many people do. If we can shed the guilt of traditional society our personalities will be more complete than ever as well as being a better and more complete partner to our life mate who does the same for us in return. Speaking of the way males and females attract each other, as we observe others in society those who are also complete human beings always are the most interesting, most attractive, and most sexually appealing. By mutually understanding this my hubby and I agree that we have much to gain, and nothing to lose in our mutual togetherness, and as individuals. We love each other no matter what, and if having sex with other men makes my life partner crave me more, what is more interesting, more emotional, more pleasurable, more bonding, and more cooler than that? Ok, if you are still with us (some things never change, LOL) I am giving him the keyboard now so I don't have to try to describe myself. My hubby, his nickname is Aly, is typing. Tallie is 28, smart and assertive super sexy Scorpio inside and out, an attractive, eye catching, open minded, curious, flirty girlie girl, a free spirit who is playful, adventurous, dynamically multi-fucking-orgasmic, highly sexed, island born, beach baby mountain girl, who enjoys her sexuality with special friends, and with strong emphasis on preferring genuine friendship. (Whew! She is a mouthful, no pun intended.) She is a delightfully scrumptious, heart attack class, balanced bisexual, a former entertainer (until the pandemic hit), who very much enjoyed the eyes of men and women who indicated they liked what they saw of her live on stage. She freely admits... she loves men, and women, and it is so exciting for me to share her with those who often easily see how special she is. (Ok, it's my turn to describe him now, gimme that keyboard back. LOL This is my keyboard. Move over. LOL He is 32, straight as a fricking plank, LOL, who is well educated and traveled, and wears very dusty boots after hours. He is tall and actually quite handsome in a wolf puppy kind of way. He is a dry humored, strong silent type, a sexy thinker, a nicely full mouthful of you know what I mean, and women always like him, but because of his business he prefers not to show his pic in our profile, but we can of course provide that when the time comes. He is very open minded, encouraging and approving of "her activities," and when the time is appropriate he loves to watch the pleasure she enjoys so much. He is a strong man for himself, not a weak/sissy type, and has the mental and physical strength of a fully masculine man. He is a true workaholic in his business and travels a lot, and he very much enjoys it when she is sometimes able to travel with him to meet domestic and international (special) friends. Guess what? We may sometimes have a very nice surprise for our special friends who come to visit occasionally. We have a significant, very lovely addition to our household beginning late summer, 2021. Her name is Cassie, and she is a very sweet, nicely appealing, extremely pleasing young lady who agreed to become our polyamorous housemate. She is 32, bisexual, and married, but her hubby is working in Asia for awhile longer, consequently they have an open marriage. She teaches music, and travels on her own fairly often. She is quite elegantly sophisticated having lived and worked in various parts of the world, ie, Asia, Europe, and the USA. I first met her on one of the cruise line ships when I was working as an entertainer, and she was working as a crew member. She is NEVER still, coming and going constantly, always very busy, but when she is in the mood she does not hesitate to have fun, and she definitely knows how :) She likes older guys, and couples are her favorite. Special friends who come to visit us (next year if the pandemic is under control) may have the chance to meet her on week ends. She gave me permission to put some PG rated pics in an additional profile album, so have a look if you wish, and... think nice thoughts because when you meet her she is a very sweet, deliciously, appealing little honey. Besides the hot wifing activities that Cassie and I enjoy, sometimes together with our special friends, we are interested in mainly three categories of special friends as follows. 1) We are interested in "occasional," sexy, attractive swing couples in our age range who travel to our island and who enjoys the full meal deal, full swap, same room or sometimes separate, doesn't matter. We sometimes enjoy separate rooms to allow her to help another man who may be self-conscious with his wife present to relax and really enjoy himself however he may like to explore. We also understand the other wife may appreciate her husband staying close by in same room situations, and we are adaptable to the best case that can be helpful to special friends learning from their own experience. We are considerate of the needs of younger newbies and are happy to help them in an easy approach to what they wish to experience. She may also enjoy her own "occasional" Unicorn status with sexy couples who travel to our island. We are constantly always very busy, super selective, and not always chasing others like so many people do. The old philosophy is correct... "Live and let live," and we appreciate those who understand our space, our timing, and our choices. 2) It always goes without saying we are interested in single 18 – 40ish attractive, open minded women for girl/girl as well as FMF. If you are interested in dating Tallie, or Cassie, or both of us, we are open minded to a pleasant experience in a discreet protective manner to mutual nice benefits. This can include gay and lip stick type bi girls who know what they like :) 3) Tallie enjoys her own versatility, and very much enjoys her daddy issues with intelligent older men travelers the age of her father who are experienced, reasonably fit, not obese, and know what they like and what to do with it when they get it. For this part of her sexuality she invites contact from those who "understand that sexy little taboo game" from the mainland's in all directions. Sometimes her biggest wish is for interesting, older guys to be a little braver to just walk over and say hello. She doesn't bite, and she knows how to start a conversation. In such situations we may also consider traveling to meet someone who qualifies themselves and tickles her curiosity for the possibility of that very special situation. She likes all different types and kinds of men, but mainly the smart ones that can mentor her in various subjects, and she enjoys new ideas that may involve very personal Fun. <---- Note the capitol F LOL (I did that because sometimes words are so fun.) Discretion is important, and sexual health factors are paramount. No drunks, no drugs, no tobacco. No one who refuses to wear a mask in public, and no one who downplays the severity of the pandemic. The totally blithering idiots who believe in promoting herd immunity by infecting others should go seek their own kind, and good riddance to dumbass rubbish. Tallie's mother passed last year, 2020, from Covid THAT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED were it not for the sheer stupidity of the previous White House Administration and their bubba class followers. FYI A NEW POLICY: If your first contact is a dumb dick pic, don't even bother. We consider the initial viewable profile pic to be the best presentation and impression anyone can make of themselves, and IF IT IS A DICK PIC WE CONSIDER IT TO SIMPLY BE TROLLING FOR BI OR GAY MEN WHO WOULD LIKELY LOVE TO SEE YOUR DICK PIC. She appreciates gentlemen first. So get real. Her request for basic courtesy is quite simple. There are no acceptable excuses to act like rude idiots. There is no such thing as a "sex site" until she decides that it can be. FYI Tallie swings with couples as the female half with two men, her hubby and also separately with another older (single, widowed, 50s, very handsome) man who happens to be a professional photographer, and is a very special friend that she enjoys helping as his swing partner. If you are a younger side, bisexual cutie (a married couple or single girl, doesn't matter) who is open minded and age friendly, if you like what you see in my profile pics... perhaps you know what to do next :) Also FYI, if you should become a regular special friend you may also qualify for me to be your swing partner on occasion, and this may include attractive bi and lez women as well as straight men. FYI I enjoy meeting lipstick types, like me. I am not into butches. Until we know someone well enough to trust them condoms ARE required. You are invited to speed up a nicely raw approach by showing us a recent genuine health card from a genuine doctor's office or clinic, and we are always happy to show ours to friends. If you don't like this requirement, move on, and no harm done. We, of course, prefer it raw, but not until complete trust is established, and there is never a weak moment. If you show up without a major brand, safe, tight fitting condom... nothing will happen. Just so you know... there is nothing here to buy or sell. There are no sob stories asking for anything, no subscriptions or undue favors requested, no site points needed, and nothing that requires anything of value except genuine friendship that we do value highly. If you even dare to offer monetary remunerations, you will be clicked into instant non-existence. Be safe out there and wear the mask as long as it is necessary, and be sure to get the booster shot. Smart people can defeat this pandemic, and the dumbass bubba class can die off or be afflicted with continuing negative health conditions for the rest of their lives as is currently happening. Take the fucking shot and enjoy your life with us. Being dead or afflicted for life is NOT freedom, but the opposite of. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for looking, I like it when you do. We wish luck and love to all  (signed) Tallie :)

My Ideal Person Just sorta thinking out loud... a dangerous thing at happy hour. LOL

Just as a quiet FYI, I am not prejudiced in any way (except against jerks and rude Neanderthals), and I sometimes enjoy the diversity of the world. It doesn't happen all the time but sometimes I may enjoy... very pleasant contrasts that can be quite sexual, and literally beautiful. If you know what this means... be patient. Time will go by and my hubby and I will enjoy being active again, hopefully sooner than later. We ALL know what this is about, don't we?

I also believe there is a time and place for all things that can be nicely sexual, including the down and dirty that emanates from the depths of our minds to titillate and tickle the most secret of our sexual desires and curiosities of various types and kinds that give us the aloha of sexual freedom. I believe that sometimes with special friends who understand it is ok when we just want to let our hair down to allow ourselves to be totally free to just slutfuck because it feels so good My hubby and I are both interested in raising my sexual bar to additional heights of YOUR imagination that may make me quiver and squirm from the ideas and suggestions you may have.

FYI I am NOT into BDSM or anything of pain or restriction. Little silk ribbon ties can be nice, and blindfolds can be fun, but Dom types only make me yawn or giggle and point at their silliness, but I have an open mind, and if you know what you like and what to do with it when you get it... if I like you... you will be welcome to email with me privately to get acquainted.

I do have a favorite fetish or two, but I have to know you before I can whisper them in your ear.

It is fun to think out loud sometimes, isn't it?

Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don't hold back!:
His fantasy: He would love to watch her go lap hopping at
the single men's bar at the swing club, if you understand
what that means. <br><br> Her fantasy: She wants to fuck on the floor of a helicopter
hovering outside the high rise office window of her daddy.
LOL Just kidding.

What types of sexual activities turn you on?:
Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.), Fetishes, Spanking, Role Playing, Threesomes, Mutual Masturbation, Participating in Erotic Photography, Voyeurism, Handcuffs/Shackles, Blindfolds, Massage

What factors are most important to you when looking for a sexual partner?:
Sexual experience, Physical attraction, Same/similar fetishes, Experience in a certain role (top/bottom; master/slave), Ability to be discreet, Open to ménage à trois and/or orgies, Sexual appetite, Willingness to freely discuss and try anything, Agreeable to a commitment free sexual relationship, Creativity/Kinkiness level, A little of each

Ever fantasized about having sex with a celebrity? Who? What turns you on about them?:
She liked the grey temples of the younger Sean Connery,
but his comments about slapping women who get out of line
ruined that.

Have you ever had cybersex?:
I've done it so many times that I've forgotten how to type with two hands.

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  • 31/28 / Couple (man/woman)
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Sexual Orientation:
Straight / Bi-sexual
Looking For:  Men, Women, Couples (man/woman), Couples (2 women) or Couples (2 men)
Marital Status: Married
Swinger Type: Sex with others
Speaks: English
Have Children: No
Want Children: No
Our Trophy Case:
Birthdate: July 10, 1990 November 18, 1993
Relocate?: No No
Height: 5 ft 10 in / 177-180 cm 5 ft 7 in
Body Type: Average Average
Smoking: I'm a non-smoker I'm a non-smoker
Drinking: I'm a light/social drinker I'm a light/social drinker
Drugs: I don't use drugs I don't use drugs
Education: Master's degree Master's degree
Occupation: Business Entertainer
Race: Caucasian Caucasian
Religion: Not applicable Not applicable
Male Endowment: Average/Average N/A
Circumcised: Yes N/A
Bra Size: N/A 36 / 80 D
Hair Color: Hair? What Hair? Blonde
Hair Length: Short Medium
Eye Color: Brown Brown
Glasses or Contacts: None None