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DrNut1984 38 / 38 / P
"Looking for a solo playmate for the hubby"
SCV, California, Estados Unidos
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Usuario desde: 4 Agosto 2020

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DrNut1984 38/P
SCV, California
The wifey made a wishlist in case you feel she's been a good girl (or a bad girl...) and deserves a treat. DM for the link.
Hi there! We're newer to the lifestyle (it's been a couple years now) and the focus thus far is Mrs living the hotwife life. It's all about communication with us so Mr'll know and approve of in advance of any hookup plans and will hear alllll about Mrs did when she get home. Bringing back videos and photos makes it even better. When the hubs is in the same space/at the location as the play (which has been the case for most of the play arrangements) he is interested in watching/hearing/peeking in on the action. We tend to search for single males for the Mrs to enjoy a few times a year. That being said...we are looking to broaden experiences and are [B]on the hunt for a single female[/B] for the husband to have his first full-swap experience with, flying solo. Maybe you (I'm looking at you married lady who has permission to fuck another woman's husband) will be the reason we ultimately become a play together full swap couple? Not able to host but we enjoy traveling. Looking forward to when clubs open up again - perhaps we can meet you at FA? The wifey has a wishlist and if you think she's been a good girl (or a bad one...) and deserves a treat let us know you'd like the link.

Mi persona ideal: The kind of people that catch our eye: you will be fun, flirty, respectful, clean, witty, not an asshole, snarky/sarcastic without being hurtful or mean, discreet. You will also NOT belittle our significant other in any way.

Wife speaking here...I will expect to get to know people before getting together so get ready to chat. Make me laugh, make me horny, make me regret scheduling our play date so far out in advance because I want your body on mine right now. AdultFriendFinder is good for getting the connection started but I tend to take the conversation to K I K as I find it much more user-friendly. Dick pics are fun and all but I want more than just eggplant emojis in my inbox (but still, send them. ). As is explained in our bio, the hubby will helps me pick my playmates and I consider him my "cockcierge" (trademark pending LOL ). And now it is my turn play "vaglet" (vagina valet? No? LMA.

Oh, and speaking of scheduling, don't expect me to offer to jump on your dick today. The reality is your patience will be needed, and rewarded. Hopefully you can handle that and if you can't then keep scrolling. Same with my husband and his solo play lady friend.

I am a bit of a goofy girl so don't be surprised if I start telling stupid jokes or making punny comments (see the "cockcierge" comment above) or makes movie references...that's all part of my charm.

  • 38/38 / Pareja (hombre/mujer)
  • SCV, California, Estados Unidos
Orientación Sexual:
Heterosexual / Prefiero no especificar
Buscando a:  Hombres o Parejas (hombre/mujer)
Estado Civil: Casado(a)
Tipo Swinger: Solo la mujer tiene sexo con otros
Habla: Inglés
Nuestra colección de trofeos:
Fecha de Nacimiento: 23 Febrero 1983 2 Noviembre 1983
Reubicarse: Prefiero no especificar Prefiero no especificar
Altura: Prefiero no especificar Prefiero no especificar
Tipo de Cuerpo: Prefiero no especificar Prefiero no especificar
Hábitos de fumar: Prefiero no especificar No soy fumador
Hábitos de bebida: Prefiero no especificar Soy bebedor casual/social
Drogas: Prefiero no especificar Prefiero no especificar
Educación: Prefiero no especificar Prefiero no especificar
Grupo étnico: Prefiero no especificar Prefiero no especificar
Religión: Prefiero no especificar Prefiero no especificar
Dotación: Prefiero no especificar/Prefiero no especificar N/A
Circuncidado: Prefiero no especificar N/A
Tamaño de sujetador o brasier: N/A