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JessieHepburn 27 / M
"Starting to feel all Grown up. It's about time lol"
Dallas, Texas, Estados Unidos
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JessieHepburn 27/M
Dallas, Texas
Bye Bye Seattle.
[bling 744195] Officially done with Seattle and moved to my new home in Texas! Welcome to my profile, I'm Jane. (Jessie Hepburn is my gamer moniker) First off does anyone really ever read these things? I assume most of you are just about the photos, I don't blame ya so I'll put some up lol! I'm currently a student hoping to make it into nursing school. Yes I know I'm late to the game but I'm more mature now than when I was 19 and I get excellent grades and do the work and expect to get admitted to nursing school sometime in 2020-2021. I dont know where that will be but I know where I am now and that's the NW and I LOVE it here. I dont really party or get out much but that doesnt mean I'm a bore. It just means I work a lot and I am a student who takes this opportunity serious! I dont have a lot of free time so Im very selective with how i spend it! I'm a student with limited time which is pretty typical for someone my age. What is also typical at my age is that of wanting to feel sexy and desired.. We all need time for that in our lives. So a little more about me? Well I'm a very sexually open per. Sometimes i think I may scare the boys around campus, I think like a dude and Im horny like one. LOL. But seriously I am! I was a dancer (stripper) for a hot second at a place I wont name in Tacoma and got fired in the first week for breaking rules. WTF, rules? Its a damn strip club right? So yeah, Im naughty and pretty open. I have my serious side when it comes to school, but have a naughty site when it comes to life outside it. That said school is my #1 focus. Unlike most girls in college, Im old enough to drink although I'm not much of a drinker. I tend to drink too much when I drink and I cant afford to be hungover the next day. But when I do drink I like to have fun. I feel like I havent exactly been having much fun as of late is why I'm here. Not looking for anything full time, just to have some fun and work out the kinks lol. Im an overly frisky per and sexual by nature. I love to flirt and be sexual which may offend some people or they may find me inappropriate. Im not for the easily offended. I think its s European thing. We have yet to catch on with the whole MeToo thing so we are still pretty open and enjoy a good hair pulling and a slap of the ass. LOL! Sorry if that offended you, but really? Ease up people. Really. Also I need to get to know a per first to see how we vibe. Trust and chemistry is important and I just dont go out with strangers. Get to know me first. Turn me on and vice versa. My time is limited with work and school so I have to be selective. If its a fit and a good vibe then why the hell not.

Mi persona ideal: Someone more established and older is ideal. Someone who can respect and understand what im trying to personally build for myself. A mentor or someone who can give good advice mixed with good sexual chemistry is a total turn on. And someone who can respect my time and knows I will do the same. Also someone who is open and can communicate well, no games. A turn on is a man who can be open with communication and I find older men have that ability along with the ability to help a younger woman in ways a younger man cant.. Experience goes a long ways. I may not have much experience but like any gal its always a turn on when he does.

¿Cuáles son tus cantantes o grupos favoritos?:
not sure

¿Qué tipo de actividades sexuales te calientan?:
Dar sexo oral

¿Qué factores te son los mas importantes a la hora de buscar un compañero sexual?:
Un poco de cada uno

¿Has fantaseado sobre el hecho de tener sexo con una celebridad? ¿Quién? ¿Qué es lo que te calienta sobre ellos?:

¿Has tenido cibersexo alguna vez?:
He tenido cybersexo bastante a menudo.

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  • 27 / mujer
  • Dallas, Texas, Estados Unidos
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