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"Why Not Have A Triple Shot of Fireball with A Walking Wet Dream!"
Pee Dee Region, Carolina del Sur, Estados Unidos
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Pee Dee Region, South Carolina
Chunky Girl here. I may be 47, but I am still young and fun with zero fucks to give!
Chapter 1: 400 Verse 1:200 My profile is long….But it’s good and completely funny!! Well worth the read!!!! I promise!!! Or I don’t promise…Do I care, nope!!! I got my eye on you…Yes, you…The one reading who’s laughs at my many chapters. I got you!!! My profile is meant to be funny. I am a DILLIGAF person. We all need to laugh and I just threw together everything women and some men talk about. Hell you’re more than welcome to send a message and just talk. I know who looks, so why not say hi to me and start a talk? I am a funny and sarcastic person and I am real. I have real feelings like most of you. Tell me your favorite song and let us talk about it. Even if I am Not your type, why not tell me! I am often found in Carolinas Chatroom Having fun yapping with my friends. Best thing ever!! Being told you’re a man’s walking wet dream. Dayum !! Turkey season is upon us Ladies!! Instead of Turkeys it’s Twatwaffles. I should win first prize for most original A FF profile. Don’t ya think? I mean come on man!!! This is good, like omg really good!! To get you blocked is to say, this is why I don’t date or see women with kiddo. Just wow!!! You’re not my priority until you become one. So that comment gets you blocked. I am not the damn Hotel/ Motel Holiday Inn, so don’t ask to come over. You’re a damn stranger. Meet me in public first please! I see you perving so why not take a chance and say hi. I do talk to women and couples too! I understood the assignment. I need lady friends too yanno!! All I ever hangout with is men. Sigh! Not interested in meeting anyone anymore if you’re a twatwaffle! Most of you want to multi date, you’re attached or married, and you fucking lie and won’t keep in contact unless it’s on your time. I mean do you go out and if you like sex do you have sex and do you deserve a call back? I mean women cannot love fucking kinky sex too? We deserve to be disrespected? I don’t get it? Done with the disrespect and then to have you moan and Bitch on your profiles about women and how they are disrespectful. Know why we are? Because of twatwaffles that don’t care. I go out and we have fun and you text days later? Nope not good enough. What’s up with some of y’all’s sorry ass profiles that say nothing? I wish I had a freaking mallet for every stupid message I get. I would pound my brains in. Do you men think this stupid shit really works? I Understood The Assignment!!! Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, I understood the assignment! If you Hotlist Me or Flirt, say hi to me! I bite, but not to hard!! If you’re viewing me say hi! I give amazing advice too! I do want something exclusive because I want sex when I want. I don’t think I need to compete with other women and I don’t think they want to compete. When I want sex I want sex. Enough said! I don’t believe in seeing multiple partners because you cannot spend time on me and I am greedy. When I want it I expect it! Don’t be half ass in relationships and seeing me and 10 Other women. I cannot help your middle life crisis bullshit! Of it turns to more great if not we are fwb! I need sarcastic and sadist men in my life with a side of sweetness that oozes sultry nights with a fast blowing wind of make a girl holler!!! What I don’t need is BS! Dick pictures don’t make the guy, but what he says and how he acts. Also, me being passionate doesn’t equal me wanting to marry you. It also doesn’t equal me wanting to date you. But hey, I understood the assignment. I want friends that are like me, what I don’t want it to chase a friend, so once again, I understood the assignment. Expect the unexpected. My profile is a book. Let’s call it the rants of a Chubby Southern belle. Love sarcastic people that can take what they give…* wink, Wonk* I am a funny and silly person to be around. My personality is a grand slam!! But do this, I don’t want to meet for sex, but as a friend and if we click then that’s great, but if not we can still be friends. I honestly am a really fun person, but please don’t take it as me wanting to fall in love or marry you. I honestly don’t think any of that is real and if it is and you fall he’s, then prove me wrong and you can have sex everyday for life lol …. Fat and sassy is what my name should be. And yes, I do a Martial Art! I am funny and real! Sarcastic as hell. I don’t follow a damn pack, I lead the pack. And if you get easily offended then I am not the one to hit up! If your ass ghost me for more than a few days then hit me up begging to talk or see me, you’re deleted and blocked. Do you like people? Eh, I don’t like them either. I think some go about it wrong in how to get someone’s attention. * Shoulder shrug* we all have our preferences, but doesn’t mean someone has to be so disrespectful. If someone doesn’t answer you, who cares? Is my profile long? Of course because I add to it without erasing stuff. Call me lazy or crazy, but I could careless what you think. Not my business to give a two cents worth of your thought process. Oh but yeah, I am real and real old and been here so long the dinosaurs want me gone lol Enjoy kiddos, because life is what you make of it! Married or attached men- Totally no check here, that is a no Likes to Hear Let’s Play- Negative Ghost Rider. We aren’t on a damn playground Sound angry- check Be Standoffish- check Be a bitch- totally Check Be real- aw 100% check A real Woman- Check No Shits Given- check Trashy- No Check Sleep with Whatever- Negative Houston Deserves respect- Double check Cougar- Negative ( I don’t babysit now) Fun- check with a barrel of monkeys Cyber sex talk- Negative. It’s fucking boring Trim The Jungle Dudes- Check Please Y’all moan and bitch about no real women and then you approach us like we are street hookers. Do I sound or even look like I want to hear your Horrible come ons? I don’t trust you people. That is why nobody meets you. Your opening liners suck. No I don’t want you to smash my pussy, no I don’t want you sucking on my big old tits, no I don’t want hear it. How about hey girl, how are you, just wanted to hit you up and see where things go. If I don’t want it to go anywhere, I let you know. Some of you are plum out a waste of life, bc ghosting someone or being them is not cool and pisses off is good ass women who could rock your damn world and make you see Jesus. People! Would ya stop with the BS! I don’t want to hear your BS. Read the profile. Read sections, I DGAF. Bunch of morons! Can some Of y’all read English? I am a big girl! Get it! Also, don’t ask me to play. We aren’t on a damn playground. Also, don’t throw anymore BS at me or text and stop. You think I am a bitch good, then maybe you won’t stick around and waste my time. Anyone else hate to hear a MOFO say can you play? Do I look like damn playground? I don’t play. I am a grown ass woman. Talk to me correctly please. Jesus people! Also, I am not the damn Holiday Inn? Honestly, why don’t your ass take me to your place or do something? Why do I also have to be the one to open my doors for a man. Y’all’s Dick ain’t worth all that, seriously. I am so tired of being asked we can go to your place. Fuck no we cannot, so put some breaks on it!! I don’t care if you like me. I am past the high school antics. What I don’t like is married or attached ass men looking for discreet. I don’t do hidden crap. Your marriage or relationship is your problem. Don’t make it mine because they don’t fuck or won’t fuck, but I will all day everyday! Not me problem your ass isn’t happy. That is in you! To our Medical Community and to our First Responders, Restaurants, and many more Thank you so much for being there for this crazy time in history. I for one appreciate everything you all do and really am amazed at what you all are doing. How is this social distancing treating you all? I think it has made me grateful for teachers in our community and thankful for alcohol. First and foremost, thank you to our amazing Military. Second, no attached or married men ever!! I am a big flirt. I also make no promises. I like to have fun and I am extremely nice and speak openly. What do I want? I am here and I go with the flow. I will not say no to fwb or more. I cannot be selective in one thing, because I do not know who I click with or don't. I do flirt a lot, but that is just me. I will give my kiik, so we can talk and if that is all it is, I am cool with friends only and nothing else. I am not a major sexting or webcam viewer. I find it to be a waste of my time since I cannot act upon what I see. Welcome to the ChubbySouthernBelle page of spews. Like Curvy Big Girls? Maybe you enjoy a girl that is sarcastic and into Martial Arts and who could probably take you out. Awww, hhhmmmm maybe you like sexy and sassy...Well if you do, I am all of this and 10 folds more. Since I am 100% real and I can think for myself. I am one badass woman. I am educated, work my full-time job, raising a , and going to school. I love my Martial Arts and want to find a guy really into activities such as this. I am a big girl and have no shame in admitting that to anyone. However, with that said, I have been making a ton of changes in my life and being active and healthy is one of them. I like working out and being around those that do. I enjoying eating out and even going to movies. Traveling is the best thing ever and I have been to Europe and Canada a few times and love it. I have also started running and really find myself loving that. I can dress down or dress up. I love my shoes and outfits. I cannot keep nice pretty manicured nails because of my martial art, so you may just have to deal with a badass or a pretty ass that isn't too bad. I do blog, but the last guy pretty much stabbed my heart and I have lost that desire to write. Maybe you can bring that back to me. I have been asked about females and couples. I will consider these avenues if everyone is on board. There has to be chemistry for everyone. I do not want to pressure a soul and certainly respect boundaries in place. Like me or don't, I give zero care. I am real, 100% real and I know what I want. I don't want to hear one man cry over no real women here ever again. If you rather sit your dumbass on cam then talk to me or meet me, you are obviously suffering from a serious lapse in Judgement. I do not care for married or attached men. I am so sorry that your relationships are in dire need of someone else, but I do not want to be second to anyone. Do not lie to me, because I use to do investigations and I can pretty much sniff out a bs'er. I can only take some much from assholes. Do not talk to me and then just stop and use pathetic excuses as to why you don't talk. I can be loyal to a fault and once you burn this bridge, never cross it again. There are very disrespectful people here. I am extremely flirty, tease, joke, and such. Do not believe I want you that bad. There is nothing here I give a crap about to the point I would chase it or embarrass myself over it. Be real and be honest! I am not a jealous person, but I am also not a person to be messed with. I do not care for salty attitudes or people. No offense, but the women are the worst when it comes to AFF. However, I am one female that will not be a salty bitch about things. I respect everyone until given a reason not too. You ghost me or ignore me, I will delete your information. Do not come back to me months or years letter and expect me to be like, omg yeah I know you. I won't remember or care to remember. Want to know the type of human I am? Why not ask me.....

Mi persona ideal: I honestly want a fun FWB and if it leads to more good if not nothing hurt. I really want a guy that craves me as much as I do him. When my fat ass walks into a room he zeros in on me and we tease and kiss and the sex is the type pornos are made for. I need a guy that can put me in my place in a respectful way and be open to things. I don’t mind females or couples, but I have to be friends first. Nothing lost or if we don’t try right?

I am looking for a guy that Is real. Some of you have no idea how to be that way. Please, shave and trim or wax or something...It sucks to have hairs all in our mouth. Also, do not be a paranoid person or OCD. It drives me insane because I live in a world of chaos.

I am partial to my military and first responders. I cannot help it, but it is something awesome about that. I like other types of men as well.

I love passionate kissers. Sloppy, fill my mouth with spit guys can go.

I like SWM, no married or separated please or attached, who have tattoos and like to have fun. Irish family ties and heritage are my people. I do adore fit guys as I am trying so hard to live that lifestyle and cute guys. Cute guys could be men with an ability to laugh at my jokes non stop btw. Man must be circumcised. I love a balled man. I can literally cum from rubbing their head.
Someone who can respect a girl my size and with my attitude. I am Irish decedent, so that is a plus for you. Must workout and healthy, because that is where my life currently is. I want to feel better about me. Men in uniforms a plus. Guys dedicated to me and having fun a must. I need to be spoiled. Even for a chubby girl. Can't text, call, or message stay away, please. Please smell good. OMG...And don't be skinny. Be fit or a tad tubby. I cannot take skinny guys. Above average male parts, please. I like thick guys that stretch. And nobody that is too touchy unless I direct you too. I cannot stand for someone to be touching me when I didn't ask for it. I do prefer very thick guys and around average and longer length in guys.

I like guys that are not skinny, but average size, built, or a tad heavy. I like tattoos, bald, hair, short, etc. I do not mind hair anywhere, but don't sweat like a cow. You smell bad I will gag, straight up gag. I have done it in the past. I do need guys that are of average looks and don't mind my looks.

You need to hold a conversation, which I doubt some can. I can be sarcastic, so be aware. Education is a must and a very clean cut man.

Also, dick pictures are all starting to look alike. The same ones I saw years ago look like today's. Y'all gotta switch it up boys. Also, if you can't take time to meet me somewhere, then why are you contacting me. GTFO.

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  • 47 / mujer
  • Pee Dee Region, Carolina del Sur, Estados Unidos
Orientación Sexual:
Buscando a:  Hombres, Mujeres o Parejas (hombre/mujer)
Fecha de Nacimiento: 19 Junio 1974
Reubicarse: Tal vez/Sí
Estado Civil: Soltero(a)
Altura: 5 ft 4 in / 162-165 cm
Tipo de Cuerpo: BBW
Hábitos de fumar: No soy fumador
Hábitos de bebida: Soy bebedor casual/social
Drogas: No consumo drogas
Educación: Maestría
Profesión: Government
Grupo étnico: Caucásico
Religión: Cristiano
Tienes niños: Sí. Vivimos juntos.
Quiere niños: Feliz con lo que tengo
Tamaño de sujetador o brasier: 44 DD (E si no es DD)
Habla: Inglés
Color de pelo: Otro color de pelo
Tamaño del pelo: Medio
Color de los ojos: Pardos
Lentes o lentes de contacto: Gafas o anteojos
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