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SelenaRuss 23 / M
"Time to take the mask off!"
Albuquerque, Nuevo México, Estados Unidos
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SelenaRuss 23/M
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Love this time of year!
[bling 689603] Hi, I'm super new to this but here goes! I'm a simple girl. Cleveland is home for me but I live half the year in Albuquerque with family. I may be the only Browns Football fan in this whole city but if you happen to be one too let me know lol!! Total Browns Girl here! xoxoxo I prefer small familiar gatherings and a small city over big crowded places. I love home cooking but a fun night out with friends to get away from family is always welcome lol. They mean the world to me but damn, a girl needs to spread her wings.. I'm not a gold digger or here for the money, I'm just curious to see what I can find here as opposed to other apps (: I enjoy a good time and have been known to drink a bit too much at times. I enjoy meeting new friends, flirting and been known to be a bit promiscuous. That was all PRE-COVID lol. Since 2020 and 2021 I have become the complete opposite!! Ive barely gone out, had no social life, and haven't dated in so so long! Im looking to get back to my new normal!!

Mi persona ideal: LOL. This site is funny. Some of you guys really need some lessons on how to score!! Ill be first to admit I'm rather promiscuous, that's why I'm here! But like most the ladies here we do need some effort in your part. Simply saying lets fuck or can I come over as your opening message to us wont get it done. Id be surprised if that has any success rate???

Instead try to have a conversation. Have a tad bit of chivalry in tone. Talk about what you have to offer. Just because we are highly promiscuous doesn't mean we are desperate. Even the most easy woman needs some effort.

If I had to choose, my ideal guy would be a dog person (I don't have one yet but plan on it within the next year!), easy going, physically affectionate, family oriented, active (not a gym rat, but not a couch potato), annnddd someone who speaks their mind

I have nothing against dick pics or being blunt, but mix it in with some gentleman qualities. A woman likes to know a guy has the ability to afford or fortitude to buy her a drink. Or take her to dinner. Talk about some things we may like, THEN mix in the lets fuck comments lol. I mean come on! that should be common sense no?

I may be young but Jesus.

That said Ive meet some really nice guys here. It seems like the older gentleman here get it. The younger guys seem to have some kind of issue. Maybe its the whole tinder mentality. Who knows. But its not flattering!

The Mascot of Albuquerque lol

¿Cuáles son tus cantantes o grupos favoritos?:
dont know

¿Qué tipo de actividades sexuales te calientan?:
Dar sexo oral

¿Qué factores te son los mas importantes a la hora de buscar un compañero sexual?:
Apetito sexual

¿Has fantaseado sobre el hecho de tener sexo con una celebridad? ¿Quién? ¿Qué es lo que te calienta sobre ellos?:
Yes. With an NFL player taking me and letting his teammates
go next. Using and abusing me

¿Has tenido cibersexo alguna vez?:
Lo he hecho tantas veces que he olvidado como teclear con las dos manos.

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  • 23 / mujer
  • Albuquerque, Nuevo México, Estados Unidos
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Buscando a:  Hombres, Parejas (hombre/mujer), Grupos o Parejas (2 mujeres)
Fecha de Nacimiento: 14 Abril 1999
Viaja a: Kansas City, Misuri, Estados Unidos
Lugar de Procedencia: Portland, Oregon, United States
Estado Civil: Soltero(a)
Altura: 5 ft 4 in / 162-165 cm
Tipo de Cuerpo: Delgado/menudo
Hábitos de fumar: No soy fumador
Hábitos de bebida: Soy bebedor casual/social
Drogas: No consumo drogas
Educación: Un poco de universidad
Profesión: Student
Grupo étnico: Caucásico
Religión: Otros
Tienes niños: No
Quiere niños: No
Tamaño de sujetador o brasier: 32/70 C
Habla: Inglés
Color de pelo: Rubio
Tamaño del pelo: Largo
Color de los ojos: Azul
Lentes o lentes de contacto: Ninguno
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