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Rockville, Maryland, Estados Unidos
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Rockville, Maryland
I can't believe I am doing this, but I have just come out of an extremely dull (sexual) relationship. My boyfriend could have been a missionary in a previous life! I couldn't get him to do anything!! Now I am free and I want to try it all...oral, anal, spanking...anything! I would really like to be put over someone's lap, have my panties pulled down and be given the spanking that I deserve. I am also especially interested in exploring my bi fantasies with another woman and the perfect partners would be a M/F couple (dom or domme?). Not looking for a one-night stand. Would like to have a relationship with someone (female or couples) that I could experiment with regularly. Is this you? UPDATE: Since joining this site, I have had a number of experiences and now consider myself more "experienced". I know what I like/want and don't like/want. I've discovered that I'm more bisexual than I thought - I enjoy women almost as much as men. I also enjoy being sexually submissive, especially with M/F couples. And, I've discovered that I'm a bit of an anal queen (giggle). I've revised my sexual interests page to better reflect what I like and what I am still interested in trying. I would like to meet more single women who are interested in sexual exploration - there seems to be few on this site. Again, I am not interested in single men - I have other avenues for that.

Mi persona ideal: Looking for adventurous people...women and/or M/F couples who want to have a good time in and out of bed. Please - no prudes - only open-minded people who want to try everything with a great looking girl! Update: I'm getting lots of mail, but won't respond to anyone who doesn't provide a can see me...shouldn't I be able to see you?! In order to get a response, you must send me a message (no one liners, please) and attach a pic or two (Girls - please restrain your man from sending close-ups of his penis). Also, no single men - your message will be filtered into my trash folder and your invitations will be deleted without being read. REPEAT: NO SINGLE MEN!

Cuenta una de tus fantasías sexuales favoritas. No te reprimas.:
I have this fantasy where I have been invited to a couples
home. We have previously met and agreed to play. I was told
to bring a bottle of wine, which I did. They greeted me at
the front door and then showed me the way to the kitchen
I was told that I should open the wine and serve them in the
front room. There were glasses, a tray and a wine opener
in the kitchen. When I came into the front room with the wine
and glasses, they were sitting on the couch with a tray of
cheese and crackers on the coffee table. Much to my surprise,
also on the table was a small leather paddle, a pair of handcuffs
and a tube of lubricant! I served the couple their wine and
sat down on a chair next to the couch. We all chatted for a
while, sipping our wine and nibbling on cheese. Finally,
the man said that it was time for me to continue the service
and that I should stand in front of them. I was told to remove
my blouse, which was quite transparent, although I was
wearing a bra. It took me a long time to unbutton all the buttons,
but I finally shrugged it off and let it drop on the floor.
I could feel my nipples harden underneath my bra. I was next
told to remove my skirt. This was held up with a clasp on the
side which I quickly undid. My short skirt dropped the floor.
I wasnt wearing any stockings, so I was left standing in
my bra and panties and high heels. The woman ask me to come
forward, which I did. She ran her hands over me - my legs,
thighs, belly and breasts. She then put her hand between
my legs and found that my panties were soaked. This brought
a great deal of laughter from the couple while I turned a
bight shade of pink. The man next ordered me to remove my
bra. I fumbled with the hooks a bit, deliberately delaying
my exposure to them. Finally, I pulled my bra off and my breasts
fell free. I was very embarrassed by the fact that my nipples
were rock hard and standing straight out as if at attention!
The woman ordered me to remove my panties. I wasnt sure
if I could go through with this, but after much fumbling
around I finally slid my now, totally soaked panties down
and stepped out of them. I was now totally naked except for
my high heels. <br><br>
To be continued.

¿Con qué sitio fantaseas para tener un encuentro sexual?:
La cama, La playa, Un vehículo en movimiento (ej. automóvil), En medio de un parque, Un lugar remoto y salvaje, Una piscina o bañera caliente, El probador de ropa en una tienda, Una habitación de hotel

¿Qué tipo de actividades sexuales te calientan?:
Dar sexo oral, Recibir sexo oral, Sexo anal, Sadomasoquismo, Juguetes (vibradores/dildos/etc.), Urolagnia (Uso de líquidos/Orina), Beso negro, Fetiches, Bondage ligero, Hard bondage, Cera de velas, Azotes, Juego de roles, Tríos, Esclavo/Máster, Intercambio de ropa, Masturbaición mutua, Juego con alimentos, Filmar "Películas" caseras, Participar en fotografía erótica, Voyeurismo, Esposas/grilletes, Tortura de pezones/senos, cepos, etc., Vendar los ojos, Cuero, Látex, Fisting, Masajes

¿Has tenido cibersexo alguna vez?:
De ninguna manera. Solamente quiero piel sobre piel.

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  • 54 / mujer
  • Rockville, Maryland, Estados Unidos
Orientación Sexual:
Buscando a:  Mujeres o Parejas (hombre/mujer)
Fecha de Nacimiento: 1 Junio 1967
Reubicarse: No
Estado Civil: Soltero(a)
Altura: 5 ft 7 in / 170-172 cm
Tipo de Cuerpo: Delgado/menudo
Hábitos de fumar: No soy fumador
Hábitos de bebida: Soy bebedor casual/social
Drogas: No consumo drogas
Educación: Doctorado en derecho
Profesión: legal
Grupo étnico: Caucásico
Religión: Agnóstico
Tienes niños: No
Quiere niños: No
Tamaño de sujetador o brasier: 36/80 D
Habla: Inglés
Color de pelo: Rubio
Tamaño del pelo: Medio
Color de los ojos: Verde
Lentes o lentes de contacto: Ninguno
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