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wordygirl2 45 / F
"this party girl wants to get high and have alot of fun spending this money...."
lakefront factory loft, Wisconsin, United States
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Member Since: March 9, 2020

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wordygirl2 45/F
lakefront factory loft, Wisconsin
yes i am here rightfuckingnow!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!! I CANT BE BY MYSELF ANYFUCKINGMORE!!!!! I NEED SOMEONE TO SIT WITH ME, TALK TO ME, FUCKING JUST BE HERE!!!!! IM SERIOUSLY LOSING MY FUCKING MIND UP HERE ALONE LIKE THIS EVERY FUCKING NIGHT!!!!! ive been sosososo bad....im looking for someone nearby who wants to party HARD and play HARD too! seriously right now!!!!! (read in reverse order) so i decided to finally meet someone from this site and what a disaster. once again, and guys please listen to me!!! I am NOT here to accommodate your sexual needs while you drink up my shit, eat my food, smoke my dope, piss in my toilet, and lay all over my bed WHILE YOU CONTRIBUTE NOTHING!!!!! Im looking for someone who can bring something to my life that I DONT ALREADY HAVE! and swinging dicks are in no way a fucking gift! I seriously cannot stand a cheap ass bastard whining about ATM withdrawals for BASIC things such as some drinks, seriously what the fuck, I'm about to give up on this shit... and listen to this shit too!!! "uhh...i cant pay for anything because my wife will see the bank statement..." if there are any REAL MEN around i would love to hear from you... please do NOT contact me unless you are going to treat me like a fucking princess. you will need money and party favors. I cannot be more clear on this topic. if youre not prepared to give, dont prepare to GET. Thank you! how much longer do i play with myself waiting for a MAN to improve upon my silence here alone...i had to look in three closets to find my toy...it sucks on my clit while i lay back and watch violent ass porn...want a hard dick in my ass in my FACE its the only time I shut up... so this venture of mine is not going very well. Every single response I have gotten is from a cheap jagoff looking to get off for free while offering me absolutely nothing. I am not a cumdump. I am not short on hard dicks that are available to me. Youre going to have to show up with alot more than your dick in your hand, guys. I am a high quality sexy woman who is very particular in who I see. I am not hardup or desperate in any way. I do not just let random men into my home. I do not give out my location or personal information so don't ask me. What do YOU have to offer??? I already know what I have to offer, and it is VALUABLE. You dont get in my pants by sending me a lameass text asking for an address, like youre bringing me a gift or something. Dick pics revolt me. If all I wanted was a hard dick all I have to do is step outside to be approached. I wouldnt have to weed through all of these cheapass wankers who probably dont even pay for membership haha... I need a REAL man who appreciates my VALUE. Who likes to get high recreationally and brings ME party favors. One who is as interested in giving as he is in getting. If this is you, please respond. Thank you. All others, if you wanna get up here with me im going to need some form of payment. Im not kidding. Im happy to provide but I AM NOT FREE. Thank you. If you want to treat me like a im going to charge like one. so i feel like tonight something exciting might happen to me...im still spending all of my nights alone but with my quality hallucinogens ive been having a fine time anyway... id really like to hear from a gentleman tonight, one whos not afraid and brings me something nice, hmmmm...party favors required, please and thank you... going shopping now i will check back in later on this afternoon... o wow what he fuck...hes coming over, i havent showered...i did however, scrub my face and love my new toothbrush, thats as far as ive gotten and so now what...yall going to see me go to pieces over this man...who doesnt fuck me...who doesnt want to fuck me...hes the reason im on here... so, boys and girls, what did you have for breakfast? for myself, i had two pink grapefruit white claws from last night...better than coffee...then, i smoked my passion fruit bud, took about 400mg of dm, thats alot especially for the morning but what the hell... furthermore, there is such a thing as available to you in pretty much all communities. if youre thinking you can send just send some random message to come through my door, let alone my legs, without fucking effort you are mistaken. if youre looking to be serviced call a fucking and pay the fee for fucks sake. i seriously cannot stand a cheap bastard. isnt that something. all i said was no thank you to dick pics and suddenly no one wants to talk. followed by, youre gonna have to show up with more than your dick in your hand. from hundreds of replies to none, is this some kind of joke? Check this shit out, too... so this wordygirl is headed downtown to shop...it occurs to me there really should be an adult toy store somewhere around, here's why... so last Spring i was on this site, looking for his sissy ass who disappeared on me...i had one special gentleman Amazon me a sex toy, i was all about hating the way i looked in pictures (down there) and feeling all kinds of self-conscious...turns out all i needed was to increase the...umm...blood flow down there and would open right up...and so i did, and so it did, and now here we are...stunning pictures from that little foray of mine, which I did all by myself... so there really should be a store downtown, is all im saying. well isnt this interesting, boyfriend who started all of this, picked up the phone finally, said he broke all of his shit, tvs, monitors, etc. because of me supposedly haha I am a horrible person for saying this, but I win. Fuck you Rob. I wanna see pictures of your ruined shit. im really pretty friendly, I swear. ok it seems we need to have a talk about a few things. Firstly, all of these responses break down pretty much like this: Dick Pics. There are only two kinds of dick pics, solicited and UNsolicited. 99 percent of these pictures fall into the latter category and I instantly delete them. There is no penis shortage, guys. they are all around. Closeup genitalia does absolutely nothing for me. Further, youre going to have to do alot more than just offer to show up with your dick in your hand. I am selective. Highly fucking selective. I do not just randomly hand out my address or personal information. so dont ask. its what you have to offer. I already know what I offer. That being said, heres whats up. Even if I WOULD happen to meet you, the fact that we are on an adult website does not mean I am going to have any kind of sex under obligation. If Im not feeling it, Im not doing it, I dont care how far you drove. ONE person out of hundreds wanted to meet me in public and have a drink. Adult site or not, I dont just open my door and legs especially not due to responding to a text???...i dont know, I dont get this. hopefully this will reduce the amount of bullshit i have to wade through. I need someone to FEEL my vibe. To GET me. Spend TIME with me. ok? ok. alone again, like every fucking night im not fucking kidding. i need company. NOT fucking kidding, use my phone, k? i swear to god i need soemone and my boyfriend is awol whatever thats fine but i am still here. going across to the streetto the bodega quick to catch liquor time carrout, whatever...i try not to drink how do i do this, anyway!!! im a wordygirl, not so much an action girl...i talk alot...you all read me and jerk off and I fucking love that... im gonna need some goddamn drugs, all there is to it. To meet my partner of almost a decade and a half, holy shit I can burn the house down because i am who I am. time to get down to business, says this wordygirl...i havent wrote a naughty story in awhile...ill start here then move to my blog to get really dirty...so here goes... Four fingers shoved in my mouth, twisting my head and holding it down. Hard. A knee driving between my legs. Hard. I don't know who this is...but I like it...i can't move except to start pressing on his knee, rhythmically im grinding harder, thinking im in control... then he whispers to me, If you think im not r a p i n g you, try to stop me...his hands are on my throat and i cant breathe, still the hard pressure between my legs, violent jabs now as i realize this person is going to hurt me...its not my choice at all and its too late now... here i am again. my panties are wet and my boyfriend is nowhere around. As usual. Worse, I cannot IM, i dont know why but fuck, i dont wanna be alone! who is man enough to get me high and let us entertain each other right now, right here...im looking...its early...party favors or dont even respond to me! I've been away for some months, I'm hoping to see you all back to readingmy xxx stories... the one coming up here is particularly a RAPEFANTASY...if you think you can handle it....(please read on, as i add to my intro often...occurring in reverse order...) ok back to basics boys and girls...let's get it on... as you can see i could not stay away for the week like the schoolgirl in me knows she should...its just sooooo much more fun writing my adventures, knowing what every single one of you is doing when you read my pages... and yes, ive been holding out awhile, haven't i...what do you want to know about? what ive been doing in my car? or whatever happened with the (almost) encounter I had? or how about why no one heard from me for days and days...oooohhhhh where do i begin? ill begin with the mindblowing orgasm i had after an hour and a half of phone sex, just riding the waves with my sweet panty slut, gave me everything i needed, i was right there, right there, so many times, and didn't...oooohhh to my blog for more... lets go to my blog and begin with the amazing phone sexcapade... well damn, my silly school is expecting me to turn in some graduate level writing, how dare they...so no more literotica this week as I work on my curriculum, alone in my room as always...if i find my hand down my pants as I write and study, ill be sure to log on and write while im doing it, as only i can do... in other news, i am officially on the MMP aka the marijuana maintenance program. Bye bye to my quality stimulants that had me revved up for awhile there...i can eat and sleep again that was one hell of a ride i went on...no worse for the wear except a few pounds ill get back in no time...thank you, THC gods for smiling down upon me when i needed it the most... my first foray into phone sex...who knew? lost an hour and a half of time to find myself on the floor, shuddering, still holding my phone, with my beautiful sissy boy on the other end, telling me everything, sending pictures, trading videos and watching them together, goddamn! I really had no idea...im going to my blog now to share some delicious details...you know i don't hold back on the details...dirty, wordygirl that i am...and i love it. Come with me to my pages now...maybe cum with me...lets see... so yeah, it's been an interesting few days since i wandered down the nature trail...so sorry to report that, for once, i have no sexy stories for you tonight, because no sex took place, which is fine, i suppose...did other things... so i woke up today at 6pm, confused, soaked in sweat, my hair all crazy...i was probably highly fuckable at that moment, but you all know I only sleep with myself so like always, there wasn't anyone here to fuck me... anyway, slept 17 hours, according to my math. time to eat, slam a half gallon of water, and do it all over again... AAAAAUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!! NO ONE TO PLAY WITH! IM FUCKING GOING CRAZY!!! I WANNA GET HIGH AND FUCK!!! IS THAT SO DIFFICULT, PEOPLE? JEEZ! im bored boys and girls read my pages...the real pandemic right now is that due to cov19 all booty calls and hookups have been cancelled! and masturbation is up 5000 percent! so, I for one, am going to do my very best to contribute to all of the stroking and rubbing that i know is going on out there...on my pages, oh fuck yeah 50 shades aint got shit on this wordygirl...send me your fantasies ill write custom stories for you...im working on a really hot one you can view in my blog in a short while...unless my hand wand wanders down my pants again as i write it...like it always does... who's coming tonight? start talking to me...in the dark, with toys and getting high...with me, turn me inside out, someone...please i need more... last night: im serious, i loved last night so much i just want to do it all over again, it was so so sweet and slow, and lasted soooo long we just got lost together...im on my favorite hallucinogenic and starting to feel it, ive came twice today writing my memories of yesterday and then last night...i came in my car again on my drive home, made 80 miles seem like nothing...it was after midnight, i swerved a few times, had my pants down and was fingering myself... im soooo completely just in my glow, that was a mindblowing experience to just rub our bodies like that, it was sex but not all sex, oohhhh oh i just moved all over him, i slid up and down dripping wet, squeezed him between my legs, not inside just sliding in my wet slit back and forth, i was shuddering and trembling, sweating and moaning on him...the next time in going to hold him going hold him on the edge until he cries, ill pull him to me hard... and i feel like im naked in front of the crowd cause these words are my diary screaming out loud and i know that youll use them however you want to... yesterday: (little did i know what night would bring...) and i captured every fucking minute with my camera and my writing...soooo delicious, my baby took me to places ive not been, we did it together, oooohhhh we're so bad....sooooo good! fuck yeah, he had to rest a little in the middle, thats so okay with me, i just continued....oh did i continue...im ready again, goddamn i was on the floor ten minutes ago, shuddering curled up, oh fuck yeah...an hour and a half i spent, on the edge, over and over and over, not not not quite, oooooh yeeeaaaahhhhh then i just spent a full minute crying out, hardly moving at all, i didn't know i could be wet like this, its not a gush but wow i might have that too, inside of me, if i do, i dont know about it...yet...go the fuck to my blog where ill get fucking real right now.... in my happy place right now... sex shops are closed, boys and girls. as i am new at this, i have had to improvise. i don't have a naughty drawer...always shyed from toys, didn't really need them...now caught with my pants down, quite literally and figuratively...to my blog, to my blog, to get really naughty here, im taking pictures too...dont know who ill show besides myself but im definitely taking some, im wet as hell thinking about it, yeah yeah yeah third time since i woke up late, took a picture in my car to show you... more naughtiness today as i go get my new toy, i cant wait to use it and take pictures of myself for you... having such a hot time with my borrowed toy...my friend really helped me out today...im starting to take a few pictures of me in my room...this particular, um, item i hold has a, well, let's call it a plumper-upper...i had NO idea sucha thing existed, but you should see what ive done to myself with it, oooh my god, my you know what was already on fire, naturally, without help...now its twice as big i cant stop looking atr pictures of myself its really, really beautiful, almost making my own mouth water to look at the...plumping that has happened...now its even more fun to play with it...loooking at pictures of my beautiful sissy who is following my instructions and sending me the photos, still. im going to fucking explode again...to my blog we go... Told you I was going to get right to it...and i did, and almost did again, but im in no hurry, i got aaalll night... in my room, in my room, in my room...mmmmmm.... so its me, myself, some quality stimulants and of course, my forever favorite hallucinogen, thank you to my dear sweet friends helping me, cant wait until we can all chill together again... i will at some point deviate to my blog for some potentially somewhat semi not quite explicit pictures i may or may not share or post, we will see. but my mission was accomplished and let's say, my very good friend loaned me a certain something that im about to use...im also staying up since ive committed to tonights experience for the next say, 12-15 hours of just good clean trippin fun with my borrowed toy and all of you reading this...i won't leave you out in fact, will be asking you some questions as i work on my pages all night long... this morning: still not happy. am going to a friends to work out this frustration. will i be proud of my behavior after the deed has been done? likely not but i dont give a fuck. ill be checking my messages today periodically, will be in racine/kenosha area today. If anyone gives a shit. last night: ...or not. my rejection has reached a painful end tonight as no one from this site showed any interest, either. Wanna say, Fuck you all very much for fucking nothing. im going to bed consumed with hatred and the pain of yet more rejection. youre a bunch of sorry ass FUCKS. thanks for fucking nothing. TONIGHT IS MY NIGHT once again rejection from the one that started all of this in the first place! as i cry i also put on my lotion and select my lonely lingerie no one has even seen...i dont know where or with who, i only know when and that is TONIGHT. so let me get myself ready here.... im sitting alone in my room, hoping my words reach someone, i can't stop touching myself, im coming over and over again, everywhere i go...the seam of my jeans rubs against my hot little button everytime i move! its delicious but ive swerved off the road a couple of times...ive had to pull over and give in to the intense wet throbbing that just won't stop...oooohh see? here i go again, i cant stop icant stop ooohhhh im looking at my pictures of my little panty slut again, gets me everytime...mmmmm...oooooo...im not faking, im coming right fucking noooooowwwww......oooooohhh mmmmmmm goddamn! oh oh oh shuddering and typing this.... right here, right now, I need someones help... because this is not okay. i am without my medicine that i NEED for proper sleep and appetite, im going crazy without, its such a simple thing that is negatively affecting my daily life, should be easy to remedy, but with the virus I have no one to call in my area. i hope the webmasters dont 86 my messages before someone sees them and decides to help me out... by the way, see my blog. i was again a very naughty girl yesterday...and again, just now... Up to Date: My self-imposed exile here alone in this room, where i have everything i need...like, i need to take my pants off again, mmmmm i cant wait for my package to arrive tomorrow, from amazon, do you know what it is? I won't tell you now but I might...just...be...coming up with...some pictures of me? after i open it up and see what I can get into here, by myself, all all all by myself...im biting my hand thinking of what my camera might see...going to my blog again because I m naughty in my car again, im going to need a towel on my seat if this keeps up... Right now: Not trying to give away my body, no not even close...i came here looking for someone, my own beautiful, lost little panty slut that has me yearning in my words and in my own panties...if i wore any...im finding where my fantasies are and someone to take me there...mmmmmm its been so, so painfully long...im going to my blog now, to tell what happened to me today so far...wanna get hiiiigghhh and make love.... Last night: All i was missing was you, my sweet little panty slut...i told my friends about how naughty you are in your panties, that you pull on them so they rub soflty, mmm right across the tip back and forth...oh, yeah i'm watching you start to get wet, pull tight my love, oh ohh ohh...im going to explode all over my hand, again...oh yeah same time as yoooooouuuu my love.............oooooooooohhh wow, o wow damn....you get me every time, don't you...you're so beautiful please don't leave me, please... Right here, Right now.... I am once again looking for my beautiful lover in his cute little panties...is he thinking of me, too? Am I coming on my own hand like this, remembering how we were. Update: I am back from my stay on the moon, please don't take my absence personally, please...I shut my blackout curtains days ago, turned devices off, got high as fuck and lost time that way. Now I feel like shit, spent all of my money, and have the insane urge to do it again. Welcome to my world. Out of Date: My first online adventure, WOW I AM HOOKED!!! Where is my lovely little sissy boy that's going to pop my online cherry? Baby, please come home, I'll take such good care of you I promise! I need some help with lowering my inhibitions, and I hope I can help you, too. I know who I'm looking for, do you?

My Ideal Person i seriously need someone who understands me. Im looking for my person right now!!!!! and if its not illegal in all 50 states im not interested the person who drove me to this site in the first place...will help me lower any inhibitions I might have, in very, very naughty ways...more so, do i hope, to be returning to the lost art of literotica, which i seem to maybe be rather good at...oooooohhhh read my pages, they're coming fast...and hard...oh oh oh oh and so are we...

What types of sexual activities turn you on?:
Giving Oral Sex, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.), Rimming, Fetishes, Light Bondage, Slave/Master, Cross Dressing, Mutual Masturbation, Participating in Erotic Photography, Voyeurism, Massage

What factors are most important to you when looking for a sexual partner?:
Physical attraction, Same/similar fetishes, Experience in a certain role (top/bottom; master/slave), Ability to be discreet, Sexual appetite, Willingness to freely discuss and try anything, Creativity/Kinkiness level

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  • 45 / female
  • lakefront factory loft, Wisconsin, United States
Sexual Orientation:
Straight / Prefer not to say
Looking For:  Men or Couples (man/woman)
Birthdate: October 3, 1975
Relocate?: Prefer not to say
Marital Status: Attached
Height: 5 ft 4 in / 162-165 cm
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Smoking: I'm a non-smoker
Drinking: I'm a light/social drinker
Drugs: I use some recreational drugs
Education: Current grad school student
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Spiritual
Bra Size: 34 / 75 B
Speaks: English
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Green
Glasses or Contacts: Glasses
My Trophy Case: